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Moroasereme Ntsoane

Executive Leadership Coach

Moroasereme comes at leadership coaching from the premise that individually we all possess the innate human propensity to develop, grow and thrive, and that when this potential is unleashed, we are able to become more autonomous, constructive and optimal in finding our true purpose in life.


Moroasereme utilises a blended coaching toolkit which best harnesses his diverse Management, Leadership, Business, Entrepreneurial, Human Development and Sustainability professional and leadership experience, with the Grow Coaching Model, and its four stages of Goal, Reality, Options and Wrap-Up, featuring prominently.  That being said, he holds firmly to the view that flexibility remains paramount to an integrated coaching experience for his clients.  As a long-time Mindful Meditation Practitioner, Moroasereme is also able to infuse both the theory and practice of mindful awareness and attention to the true nature of reality into his client-centric leadership coaching repertoire, and thus build their personal awareness and resilience, as well as ability to confront personal and professional challenges skilfully and effectively.

Moroasereme excels in his ability to build rapport and a place of safety very quickly which enables clients to get to the essence of their coaching quite quickly and freely to achieve results in their development path.

Moroasereme is passionate about:

  • Executive Leadership coaching and development
  • Strategic change consulting and transformation programmes
  • Designing and facilitating Leadership and soft skill programmes
  • Business and Entrepreneurship Development Coaching and Facilitation
  • Team Coaching
  • Strategy Development & Facilitation

Moroasereme has been a volunteer leadership development coach with the Wits Business School since 2017, as well as a Mentor with Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, starting in 2021.


Moroasereme started his career at Eskom, where he rose to the position of a senior professional engineer, registered with ECSA, responsible for power station engineering maintenance and support as well as R&D.  Moroasereme also worked for Mitsui – Babcock in Scotland, as a power station engineer. He received a number of awards from the then Eskom Chairperson, Executive Director and Senior Manager for innovation and technology development.  Moroasereme also had a two-years stint at National Government, as both a Deputy and a Director, responsible for innovation, technology development, technology transfer and reindustrialisation.  He followed this up with decade long career at Industrial Development Corporation as an investment professional and Business Unit Leader, during which time he was responsible for structuring financial transactions such as Gautrain Rapid Rail Project and others throughout the Continent.  Moroasereme was also appointed by the Minister at “the dti” to serve on various committees, and further, served as both a Non-Exectuvie Board Chairperson and Non-Executive Director at three private companies.

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