How We Work


With over 20 years of International HR consulting experience, Susi Astengo, MD of CoachMatching, is well placed to discuss human capital strategies with a deep understanding from both a business and an HR perspective. 
Engaging with key stakeholders at the earliest possible opportunity, CoachMatching is able to provide advice, guidance and support as to the type and nature of coaching best suited to the organisations culture and objectives.

CoachMatching co-creates an implementation strategy that may include a variety of coaching approaches, can easily integrate with skills development and systems support OR simply provides a great coach/coachee match for one individual.

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Neuroscientific research proves that 'attuned relationships' stimulate brain integration and the capacity of the mind to reflect on itself (Siegel Clinical Professor of Psychiatry) UCLA Medical school, a critical step in gaining insights and achieving lasting behaviour change.  The quality of the match therefore plays a significant role in this process… the magic really is in the match!

CoachMatching is much of an art as it is a science. How will you know which coaches are right for your organisation, or for you? We focus on the 3 c's

  • Capability - Does the coach have the right technical knowledge and background to be able to understand the coachee's issues
  • Credibility - Is the coach professional, well qualified and appropriate for the organisation or individual
  • Compatability - Will there be an instant connection enabling a high trust relationship to develop quickly
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When managed effectively, coaching can positively impact an organisation’s bottom line.  Monthly tracking ensures that we focus on the right goals, pick up systemic issues quickly and are able to feedback relevant information to our clients to assist them in achieving maximum ROI.

Our current client satisfaction rating, using a 5 point scale = lowest 4.37 and highest 4. 76. A recent global survey by PriceWaterhouseCooper the International Coaching Federation and Associated Resource Centre indicated that the average ROI is 7 times the initial investment with more than a quarter of respondents indicating their ROI was more than 10 times the initial investment.
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