Neuroscientific research proves that 'attuned relationships' stimulate brain integration and the capacity of the mind to reflect on itself (Siegel Clinical Professor of Psychiatry) UCLA Medical school, a critical step in gaining insights and achieving lasting behaviour change.  The quality of the match therefore plays a significant role in this process… the magic really is in the match!

CoachMatching is much of an art as it is a science. How will you know which coaches are right for your organisation, or for you? We focus on the 3 c's

  • Capability - Does the coach have the right technical knowledge and background to be able to understand the coachee's issues
  • Credibility - Is the coach professional, well qualified and appropriate for the organisation or individual
  • Compatability - Will there be an instant connection enabling a high trust relationship to develop quickly

There are quite literally thousands of coaches to choose from. Our market research suggests that the process for finding the right coach is a bit hit and miss and in general people tend to rely on referrals. While a referral takes some of the anxiety out of the decision making how will you know if the coach is the right person for the organisation or the individual? Both time and money are wasted when organisations fail to invest time up front matching clients with coaches.

We follow a specific structured matching process that looks at coaching objectives and expectations, and amongst other things the individuals’ personality and communication style. Having gathered this information a coach is recommended and his/her biography is sent to the potential coachee, this offers transparency around capability and credibility. The coachee is more than equipped to decide on compatability and is encouraged to have a "chemistry" meeting before embarking on a coaching relationship. To date, out of over 200 matches, there have only been two occasions when we were asked to supply an alternative coach.

Our internal matchmaker says "having an experienced third party assist in the decision making really helps, as many coachees have no previous experience of coaching and as such do not really know what to look for".

"It was uncanny how well the match was made between my coach and I.  I am of the view that allowing the parties to feel each other out up front must be the only way to do it as the whole success of the intervention is at stake if that match is not one that works." Belinda, SAB

"From the first meeting with Susi it has been a pleasure … always professional, communication is sufficient for me to know that I am not forgotten once I have been matched with a coach. I am so comfortable with my coach, we talk about Susi as the “Coach-Whisperer”!" Hilary, SAB