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Lauron Buys


Lauron is an experienced executive coach with international experience who helps successful leaders, senior managers and their teams become even more effective.

  • Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Mark is an Accredited certified Coach (ACC) with, and a member of, the International Coaching Federtion (ICF).  He is a founding member of the ICF Gauteng Chapter and has been coaching since 2005,

Neville Goldin (Dr.)

Neville is a certified Tavistock executive coach, specializing in the systems psychodynamic method of coaching. Neville’s focus in coaching is on helping leaders achieve their potential in a real and authentic way and his special interest is in assisting leaders with career shifts and transitions (moving into, up and through an organisation).

Paddy Gray

Paddy is a certified Ontological Coach, Organisational Strategy and Culture Transformation Consultant, having successfully completed the Graduate Diploma in Ontological Coaching through Newfield Institute, Australia and having been accredited by Barrett Values Centre to conduct assessments using their Cultural Transformation Tools.

Pete Williams

A “reformed engineer/reformed CEO”, Pete particularly enjoys the integration of the “hard” and “soft” aspects of business through greater levels of self-awareness and the associated shifts in thinking, relationships and action.  Pete has been coaching for 5 years and his passion is assisting teams and individuals develop to their next level of sustainable business success.

Peter Moss

Peter holds a Diploma in Practitioner Coaching. He is further qualified in The Hay Group’s Emotional & Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) and Gary Norton & Associates’ Emotional Maturity Inventory, both EQ/EI Assessment models; is a Certified Level 1 Qualified Strengths ...

  • Peter Womersley

Peter Womersley

I understand what keeps people in positions of power and responsibility awake at night. As a CEO of a large manufacturing enterprise, I have achieved breakthrough results...

  • Queen Ramotsehoa

Queen Ramotsehoa

Queen has been a coach and mentor for the last 18years, since her first leadership position, in 1992. She qualified as a workplace coach and mentor in 2004. 

  • Robert Farndell

Robert Farndell

My primary purpose for coaching is to help people live more successful lives. Part of that is knowing what “success” means to each client.  For some this is about business or career success, for others it is about living a fuller life or living out their purpose. 

Ron Hyams

Ron’s mission is to grow executives to lead at their next level.  He uses his executive experience, wealth of knowledge of coaching and depth of psychological skills to create a transformative impact.  Leaders become more confident, assertive, high performing and often accelerate their career trajectory.

  • Sally Brazier

Sally Brazier

Sally has been involved throughout her career in making a difference to the lives of others.  She practices as an Executive Transformational Coach, a Clinical Psychologist and a Coach Supervisor. 

  • Sav Goldridge

Sav Goldridge


Sav utilises various tools including Neurolink, Integrative Enneagram, Team Health Check, Pulse Surveys, Stress and Fatigue assessment etc. Her mentoring, coaching and consulting clients currently include Individuals, Teams, Executives and Directors of South African companies.

Shelley Lewin

Shelley delivers: executive coaching with individuals (face to face and virtually) and teams; corporate training on personal leadership and TotalSDI relationship awareness workshops.

  • Tammy Perrie

Tammy Perrie

Tammy is an Accredited Certified Coach with, and member of, the International Coach Federation (ICF), an international coaching association with over 15,000 members. She was instrumental in establishing the Gauteng Chapter of the ICF of which she is past President...

  • Tim Goodenough

Tim Goodenough

My job is to help individuals and teams with the smart part, to help them find their own unique insights and ideas and turn them into actions and results, based on what is most important for the...

  • Tracey Proudfoot

Tracey Proudfoot

Tracey is an experienced Executive Coach and Leadership Facilitator with 12 years of expereince in this field. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a founding member of the ICF Gauteng Chapter where she ran the events portfolio for 3 years. 

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