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Starting with L

Lata Parbhoo

Lata is an independent Leadership Facilitator, and Coach with 30 years of experience in facilitating, coaching, consulting and counseling. She is also a Professional Associate at Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).

  • Lauren Davis

Lauren Davis

Lauren is a coach, facilitator and consultant with over 12 years’ experience in:  leadership development; personal mastery; creating values driven organisations; psychometric assessments; designing and implementing internal mentoring programmes; team effectiveness and organisational development. 

Lauron Buys


Lauron is an experienced executive coach with international experience who helps successful leaders, senior managers and their teams become even more effective.

  • Lee Freemantle

Lee Freemantle

Lee has over 26 years experience as a consultant, coach and facilitator. She started her career as a research assistant and consultant at Strategic Management Counsel (SA) later working as a strategy consultant and specialized global coaching resource with The Monitor Group (later known as Monitor Deloitte) for 14 years. She trained and worked locally and internationally in strategy, advanced organisational learning and skilled dialogue processes (Chris Argyris and Action Design).

  • Louis Meyer

Louis Meyer

Louis has assimilated 30 years of technical, managerial, coaching and mentoring skill and experience into a compelling coaching offer: “I support you, as my client, to integrate your world as defined by logic and measurement with your universe of possibility. A universe accessed through unfettered imagination