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  • Tammy Perrie

Tammy Perrie

Tammy is an Accredited Certified Coach with, and member of, the International Coach Federation (ICF), an international coaching association with over 15,000 members. She was instrumental in establishing the Gauteng Chapter of the ICF of which she is past President...

  • Tim Goodenough

Tim Goodenough

My job is to help individuals and teams with the smart part, to help them find their own unique insights and ideas and turn them into actions and results, based on what is most important for the...

  • Tracey Proudfoot

Tracey Proudfoot

Tracey is an experienced Executive Coach and Leadership Facilitator with 12 years of expereince in this field. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a founding member of the ICF Gauteng Chapter where she ran the events portfolio for 3 years. 

Trish Neill

Trish is a Cape Town based business coach with a strong focus on building leadership and helping teams to make subtle adjustments with profound impacts. She does this by: