Hani du Toit

She graduated as a Conversational Intelligence® coach in New York City under Dr Judith E. Glaser, founder of CreatingWE Institute. She also works closely with highly acclaimed international Business gurus, Mike Handcock from New Zealand and South Africa’s home-grown, Landi Jac.

Hani is President of the of the Professional Speaker’s Association Southern Africa, Western Cape, a COMENSA registered Coach and a volunteer lecturer in Leadership and Self Development at TSiBA Education – South Africa’s only crowd-funded university. Her children’s book, Just Like Me has been identified by Wits University as a model for writing about inclusion for children, and has been translated into Urdu by a literacy organisation in Pakistan. The book echoes her belief that if we look through a lens of compassion, we discover our shared Humanity.

With 24 years’ experience in training and development, Hani works locally and abroad, with people of diverse nationalities and cultures, within corporates, universities and government. As The Inclusion Specialist, she travels widely through Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, learning about different cultures, customs and organisational practices and identifying strategies for addressing the common struggles of Human beings.

Through this broad experience and rich expertise, she helps organisational leaders listen for the answers around them and co-create a culture of connection, shifting the language and practices that breed under-performance, low morale and negativity.