Jacques Engelbrecht

Jacques has a passion to move people, teams and organizations from Mediocrity to Excellence. He consults at various levels within organizations where he combines his tertiary qualification with theory and practice, thereby facilitation positive change at individual and team level.
Qualified with various practical expertise within the People Developmental Industry he is well equipped to create best business results for organizations.
He is passionate about working with teams and guiding them through the phases of forming, storming, norming and eventually performing as a highly effective, mature and productive team. 
Jacques is a certified Results Coaching Systems coach and team coach. He is an accredited Level 1 and 2 Enneagram Practitioner with Integrative Enneagram. As a Neuro-Link learning receptiveness and EI practitioner combined with my Coaching experience I create emotional
Awareness with client to position them for the next level. As a facilitator I use these tools to develop team to high performing and purposeful units
My Clients include - SARB, EOH, Dept. of Treasury Austell Pharmaceuticals, Cennergi, Moves for life, Citadel, Partners for Possibility and various other individual Clients.
1993 - BA (Psychology) – University of Pretoria
1994 - Personnel Management II, III (Non-degree purposes) - UNISA
1995 - BA (Industrial Psychology) Non-degree purposes – UNISA
2004 - Professional Management Program – UNISA
Intensive Coach Training- Results Coaching Systems
Team Coach Training- Results Coach Systems
Level 1 and 2 Enneagram Practitioner- Integrative Enneagram
Learning Receptiveness Profile Practitioner- Neuro-link South Africa
Coach Supervision-Sandton Coaching Centre