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Today’s information age has created conditions for an overload of information. This can be overwhelming and cause confusion, for whilst an abundance of information is available to businesses and individuals, conflicting theories, opinions and the availability of numerous choices collide with each other, making it more difficult to discern the best solution for any requirement.

In the new economy, strategic partnerships enable business to gain competitive advantage through access to a partner's resources, including markets, technologies, capital and people. Teaming up with others adds complementary resources and capabilities, enabling participants to grow and expand more quickly and efficiently. In the process, businesses save time and boost productivity and are thus freed up to concentrate on innovation and their core business.

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CoachMatching realises the benefit of and need for ‘joined-up thinking’ in today’s business environment. We collaborate with our partners to help clients skillfully navigate to what is key to their success. We have partnered with specialist individuals and organisations, carefully selected because of their expertise in their chosen specialist fields with current research and resources and knowledge.

We work with clients to focus on area’s that we believe will make the difference between good and great performance:

  • Accessing and understanding innate wisdom
  • Greater self awareness through the use of assessments tools
  • Skills and competency development
  • Understanding the importance of one’s own and others energy in achieving goals.

Please follow the link below for an interesting perspective on wisdom in today’s world:

Barry Schwartz makes a passionate call for "practical wisdom" as an antidote to a society gone mad with bureaucracy. He argues powerfully that rules often fail us, incentives often backfire, and practical, everyday wisdom will help rebuild our world.

  • Lianna Garden

Lianna Garden

Lianna believes her life purpose is 'to help others harness their full potential and become self-directed leaders so that they can live their lives to the fullest and become masters of their own destinies' – something she has mirrored her career on, through her life journey...

  • Mark Kaplan

Mark Kaplan

My own business, family and personal set of experiences has equipped me with a deep understanding of the matrix of challenges faced by individuals. This understanding is vital in the process of facilitating and supporting change and growth.

  • Pam Tudin

Pam Tudin

Pam Tudin has practiced as both a Clinical and Consultant Psychologist for the last 14 years and 11 years respectively. She specialises in the Coaching of Executive Leadership and the sustainable transformation of South African organisations. She is currently doing her PHD, the focus of which lies in the creation of a Coaching Model for Diversity Management in South African organisations.

  • Reinhard Korb

Reinhard Korb

Thrive delivers workshops and online courses to organizations to help their employees maintain good levels of physical and mental health in order to reduce the impact of stress on their states, health, productivity and performance. 

  • Sharon Wakeford - Workplace Mediator

Sharon Wakeford - Workplace Mediator

Sharon is an internationally accredited mediator with 20 years’ experience in employment/ labour mediation and one of South Africa’s leading workplace mediation practitioners. Sharon is frequently engaged by South African and international corporations to mediate ‘high stakes’ conflict at senior levels in organisations where the conflict poses significant risk to the individuals and the organisations.

  • Talent Network

Talent Network

Trevor’s passion is Connecting People with career development opportunities, or Connecting People with their Career Passion.
Specialist areas of focus: Executive & Middle to Senior Management appointments (across all disciplines), as well as Technical Specialist Appointments.

  • Tim Goodenough

Tim Goodenough

My job is to help individuals and teams with the smart part, to help them find their own unique insights and ideas and turn them into actions and results, based on what is most important for the...

  • True North Strategy

True North Strategy

Our purpose is to enable organisations to think differently, clearly and authentically about their direction AND work at augmenting the health of the leadership dynamic. When allowed, culture will always trump strategy, therefore we encourage and help drive organisations to develop a strong cultural foundation on which to build a sustainable vision and strategic plan.

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