Caroline Passmore

Caroline is passionate about making a difference and delivering results to her clients. She is by nature a “People’s Person”, and is happiest when interacting and engaging with others. She believes that organisations are better placed to succeed if they harness the power and knowledge of their own people.  Being a facilitator at heart, Caroline embraces the Chinese proverb that reads, “Tell us and we’ll forget, show us and we may remember. Involve us and we’ll understand.”

Having worked as a consultant for over 10 years, Caroline believes in co-creating solutions with clients rather than presenting them. She graduated with a BComm in 1994, and pursued a career in Finance for 8 years.  However, in 2002, she chose to explore a new field – one which has led her on a journey of fulfilment - as she discovered how she could combine her business and finance background with her love of people. This was the art and practice of group process facilitation.

She has been described as an engaging, dynamic, creative and experienced facilitator who is well known for her ability to understand and create clarity around complex organisational challenges. Caroline has the innate ability to engage with clients across all levels and backgrounds, creating processes to easily and quickly grasp the issues, transform complexity and ambiguity into clarity, and to assist the client in creating improved business outcomes.



Using a collaborative approach to her work engagements, she has led a wide range of interventions,
• Strategy planning and implementation
• Issue and crisis resolution and negotiations
• Programme scoping and planning
• Business meetings
• Change management process design and implementation
• Large group conference roundtables
• Team effectiveness and team building events.



She has led numerous facilitation assignments having worked with some of South Africa’s premier
organisations, amongst others, Standard Bank, Nedbank Global Markets, Liberty, Volkswagen, DHL, Old Mutual, The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, Sasol Mining, Quintiles Sub-Saharan Africa, The Trust for Urban Housing Finance, NUMProp, Momentum, First National Bank, Absa Capital, Vodacom, Du Pont de Nemours, MTN, Microsoft, Woolworths Financial Services