Colin Hall

Colin Hall

"Society is always taken by surprise by any new example of common sense" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

When Colin speaks one is aware of being in the presence of someone of stature, experience, wisdom and tremendous common sense. He constantly reminds us that when our energy is high, our outputs soar – but when our energy slumps, so do our outcomes.

Colin has been a miner, a lawyer, a brewer, a business consultant, a retailer, a teacher, and an aspiring philosopher. After qualifying as an attorney, Colin spent 20 years with South African Breweries, departing as a main board director. As a management consultant, Colin served on the boards of a number of South African companies. He was appointed to the Wooltru Group board from its inception, becoming the chief executive officer in 1988 and its executive chairman in 1996.

Colin resigned as chairman to dedicate himself full-time to the teaching of the art of leadership, which he defines as the art of “maximizing human energy.”

He has shared his search for ways to maximize human energy with more than 30,000 participants in his workshops: people, professionals, government officials, Cabinet members, public service officials, educators, 100 women from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi, and countless heroes and heroines of the community.