Gavin Swanson

  • Leadership Development
Gavin Swanson

Gavin has 25+ years’ experience in Business Leadership, facilitation and coaching.  His roles have included Sales Director, Country Principal, Key Account Management in the Pharmaceutical industry; and facilitation, project management and executive coaching in Consulting, training and team development.

Having led a number of sales teams and facilitated numerous management training interventions over this time he has learnt, first-hand, the wide variety of people issues related to strategic and operational aspects of growing a business.

His innate skills include a deep level of strategic and operational insight combined with inspirational leadership capabilities. This suite of skills enables him to focus on the delivery of quality business results.

Gavin’s academic and functional expertise includes a deep understanding of people in business and an advanced knowledge in the art and science of leadership and management coaching.

He has coached senior executives and leaders in the private and NGO sectors as well as at senior faculty levels with the Academic sphere.

The guaranteed results for individual and groups who work with Gavin are:

  • raising the level of strategic thinking
  • enhancing a maturity of dialogue
  • development of a level of conscious thinking
  • a pro-active exposure to advanced interpersonal skills.

These abilities dramatically enhance leadership effectiveness and heighten the awareness of self and others resulting in better decision-making, team leadership and performance, leading to improved business results.


Academic Qualifications:

Gavin is driven by a passion for learning, and his depth of academic rigour includes a BA (Natal), MBA (Wales), and an internationally recognised Diploma in Practitioner Coaching, (TCC – Cape Town). These qualifications support the kind of management projects Gavin has been, and continues to be, involved in.

He has been exposed to the Enneagram in his Diploma training and is well versed in Neuroscientific approaches to coaching through David Rock’s work.

Gavin is on the faculty of The Da Vinci Institute, Johannesburg – a Mode 2 university specialising in work-based learning. He has facilitated modules for the Institute’s organisational clients.


Areas of Focus:

  • Leadership and Middle to Senior Management Coaching
  • Facilitator of Crucial Conversations enabling results-driven business outcomes through strategic dialogue
  • Strategy Planning
  • Sales and Marketing Team Development and Co-ordination
  • Management through Systems Thinking