Gwynedd Theron

Gwynedd Theron

I am a Career Management Coach and Integral Life Coach ACC who combines coaching disciplines to help people manage their careers, particularly those in life change and life stage transitions, such as new personal and professional roles.

Career Management coaching addresses, but is not limited to, the following situations:

* career change: defining new direction, identifying accomplishments and creating personal branding
* new job: acclimation during probation period
* promotion: help gaining promotion and succeeding during transition period
* outplacement, retrenchment and work-seeking
* re-entering the workplace after significant absence such as illness or life circumstances
* retirement: seeking meaning and purpose
* relocation and acclimation

Career Management coaching is a process which empowers the individual through self-awareness and self-assessment; it focuses on taking action to effect change and provides work/ life balance. It differs from Career Guidance which involves assessment of IQ and academic results in order to recommend a particular career/ study direction.

Career Management tools which support the coaching conversation include self-assessment, identifying direction, skills development planning (including emotional intelligence), personal branding and marketing (CV’s, covering letters, LinkedIn profiles, biographies, personal statements), networking, interview preparation, creating and maximizing career opportunities.

My approach is to understand clients in their context and provide support in managing challenges and making complex decisions regarding career progression. In addition to being a coach, I am a human resources professional who offers clients deeper insight into workplace systems, helping them understand the dynamics and processes, which in turn enables them to make considered decisions and take appropriate action.

Having held senior management positions in the private sector prior to working independently as a coach and HR consultant, I identify with client challenges and commit to working with clients to find strategic and tactical solutions. I work with individuals from differing industry sectors, generations and nationalities, delivering short-term and ongoing career coaching programs.

I am a member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) and a life-long learner via formal study and being frequently coached by subject-specialists. Recent qualifications are:

- Training & Development Management, UCT GetSmarter
- Master Career Management Coaching, Cape Consulting
- Integral Coaching (ACC), Centre for Coaching, UCT Graduate School of Business

Specialties: Life- & Career Management Coaching, Work-performance Coaching, HR Consultant, Educator/ Mentor



"Meeting Gwyn was for me one of those turning points that one experiences two or three times in one’s life, that ‘lucky accident’ that fundamentally changes your path. I was referred to Gwyn through a series of connections, each link of which passed on the strength of their faith in her excellent offering.

At the time when I met her I had reached a nexus in my life, a psychological and financial low point in my early forties where I had nothing much to show for twenty years of being a serial entrepreneur. It had been suggested I just ‘get a job’ but this seemed an impossible dream. I have no formal education or qualifications, was entirely self-taught and fell into a category/demographic that the job market was not screaming out for, especially in the arena of high technology and digital strategy. I had tried unsuccessfully to apply for a few positions at my required earnings rate.

Gwyn helped me on many levels. Practically, we repackaged my offering, got my social proof and Linkedin status up to date. On a deeper level she helped me to audit my life and rediscover the very many talents and skills that I did have to offer, but could not see due to my state of personal confidence. Her in depth knowledge of the industry helped me to define a role which I did not know existed and convinced me that I was a perfect fit and had invaluable areas of strength built on my entrepreneurial background and specialist knowledge. Lastly, she went the extra mile to gently guide me into making some important lifestyle decisions that have made a massive impact in my life.

It is nine months to date since I met Gwyn and I am happy to say that I am heading a department in a leadership role for a very exciting advertising agency as a digital strategist. I have clients with significant budgets, giving me a scope beyond my wildest dreams. I am absolutely flowering in my new position and live, eat and sleep the joy of my work and the new colleagues in my life, who truly and without exception value my contributions. I am doing my finest work ever and am filled with happiness, satisfaction and health, not to mention earning the money I need to comfortably nurture my financial security.

I cannot overstate the role the Gwyn has had in making this all manifest. For that I am truly grateful."