The innovation mindset is most effective when it’s coupled with an institutionalised process that draws together employees from different levels & functions and with a facilitator, gets them talking, debating and problem solving as a team.
– Jack Welsh

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a powerful and inspiring experience. It is different to team coaching in as much as the members can come from a variety of disciplines, divisions or even organisations.  They do however share a common learning agenda. There is typically no hierarchy and by its very nature tends to be more transformational than transactional.

A group Coach leads each session and provides tools to facilitate process and progress. The group provides the individual with a supportive environment for self-growth and learning. Working with a group brings fresh ideas to add to individual perceptions. Individuals within the group receive ongoing support from the Coach and from group members who face similar goals and challenges.

Team coaching is different in as much as the people in the group typically form part of a day to day or project team. Team coaching often includes the line manager, and the focus tends to be around transactional goals. It can also be used at transformational level, for example if a team is trying to reposition itself within an organisation.

Benefits of Group Coaching

Group Coaching provides you with the following major benefits:

Energizing and motivating support

Opportunities to:
  • Share with individuals who are in similar situations or in the same team
  • Create collective visions and goals
  • Enhance the creativity of a team
  • Brainstorm ideas with more than one (your own) head
  • Gain different perspectives
  • Address and resolve important team issues
  • Implement an effective action plan
  • Use experience and wisdom from others 

Accountability and success

  • Enjoy your personal cheerleaders
  • Your team provides accountability
  • Your group helps you celebrate each goal you reach

Coaching at an affordable fee

  • Group Coaching provides an economical way to enjoy personal guidance and attention from a Professional Coach
  • Group members hone their own coaching skills through observation and practice