It is when you love yourself first that you love others enough to keep giving; however little.
That is what Ubuntu is about.

- Judge Yvonne Makgoro

Power Hour

  • Build Connections
  • Discover Solutions

With most learning happening in real time, more and more people are looking for a short, powerful process that supports them to broaden their thinking, find better solutions and be more agile and resourceful.

The power hour is a process that enables people on a peer level to coach each other, through a process of questioning and listening to think independently and to view challenges and opportunities from a broader perspective. The power hour group assists you to tap into your critical thinking skills and achieve better results. 

One of the characteristics of high performing individuals is high EQ with a constant focus on self-awareness and a growth mindset. Power Hours encourage reflection in a safe space where both the individual and peers increase their understanding of themselves and the Organisation.

Power Hours are small groups, ideally 3-6 peers who connect regularly, grow together and develop a strong internal network.