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Arthi Rabikrisson

Executive Leadership and Business coach| Neuro-agility Profile™ assessment| Team coach| DEI

Arthi believes that in this dynamic world, we can find balance through empathy, encouragement and boosting agility. These inner qualities can instigate individuals and teams to find their inspiration and unlock their latent potential to achieve phenomenal results.


Arthi has been coaching informally since 2015 as an internal coach, and formally since becoming a business owner in 2019 with at least 2000 coaching hours thus far. The quality and depth of her expertise as a neuroscience-based coach has been lauded internationally, garnering Arthi global awards such a “Leadership Coach of the Year” and “Best Corporate and Strategic Advisory Firm”. Working with a spectrum of clients, from founders and start-ups to larger enterprises, Arthi helps her clients to stretch their perspectives culminating in novel and interesting insights. Arthi is a Master Partner Practitioner of the Neuro-Agility Profile (NAP™) Advanced+ for Adults, Students and Children, Brain Agility Booster™ and Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™. Furthermore, as a Certified Lego Serious Play facilitator, Arthi guides team, peer-related coaching workshops and circles to ground-breaking shifts and insights, using play as a core lens and augmented with neuroscience.

Arthi upholds and champions ethical and professional coaching as an ICF ACC credentialed coach, and a Chapter leader and volunteer with ICF South Africa Chapter. To keep abreast of trending topics in the coaching space through continuous education, Arthi further retains membership with the Association of Coaching UK and the ICF.

As a woman in finance, coaching female entrepreneurs to be confident to pitch successful for funding features as a passion area for Arthi, where she has worked with Future Females with climate entrepreneurs. She has also been and continues to be invited to be a judge on the Africa Business Heroes platform (the Jack Ma Foundation in Africa), one of the largest prize-giving competitions in Africa offering grant funding to African startups.

Ensuring boards remain diverse and inclusive is another niche Arthi focuses her time and energy in. Certified in Company Direction through the Institute of Directors in the UK, Arthi holds independent non-executive board positions in both non-profits and for-profits, that allow her to engage strategically with businesses while also coaching board members, executives, and teams.

Sharing her expertise and knowledge through acclaimed publications, Arthi is highly active on the invitation-only platforms Forbes Coaches Council and the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council. Over a short period of time, Arthi has been published in close to 300 expert panels and full feature articles on Forbes Coaches Council.
Furthermore, Arthi has contributed and co-authored the book “Redefining the Rules: Incredible women on how to embrace equity” which released on International Women’s day 2023 (8 March) and became a No. 1 bestseller on launch day on Amazon.

Some key clients Arthi has retained and currently engages with on both an individual and team basis include Liberty, STANLIB, FirstRand, RMB, SNG Grant Thornton, PIC, Citibank, FNB, Atlas Copco, Allan Gray, Randair, Old Mutual and Henley Business School.


Over the course of an intensive 15-year corporate career in the investments industry, Arthi has led multiple, successful initiatives (among them equity research, talent management, capital raising, portfolio management, transformation, and coaching) across geographies and client segments in business.

Her last corporate role within Institutional Business Development allowed her to expand her expertise in capital raising across investment classes (from passive investments to listed equities and debt, to more complex private equity and real asset investments) as well as gaining detailed knowledge of and access to a wide segment of institutional clients in South Africa and globally.

This unique value chain of expertise and experience means that Arthi has a wealth of unconventional insights in these environments, which is relatable and transferable across industries. Her specific approach to relationship advancement has built and sustained enviable networks of institutional investors spanning the globe. She now uses these for the benefit of founders and entrepreneurs requiring start-up or expansion capital. More importantly, her experience in corporate, and now too as an entrepreneur, means she is uniquely positioned to understand the pressures in highly structured and unstructured work environments, and can share insights to founders, leaders and teams through masterclasses, workshops, keynote speaking, as well as coaching and mentoring.

What Arthi’s clients say:

Arthi served as one of the expert Investment Coaches on our Future Females FutureFinance and Funding Readiness Programmes. She is nothing short of an INCREDIBLE coach! Arthi has a wealth of knowledge and experience and added so much value to our members on the programmes. Following coaching with Arthi our members walked away seeing fundamental growth in both their personal confidence as well as their businesses as a whole. I would hire Arthi over and over again – for her professionalism, her passion and her experience. She is nothing short of an absolute pleasure to work with and somebody I admire greatly. –Kelly Gifford, Project Manager – Future Females Empowerment Initiatives

Arthi has a unique talent for coaching someone by asking open-ended questions and helping them find the answer to their own problems. Arthi also had great energy and was very inspirational, which was very important while studying for an MBA. She was not only supportive, accommodating, understanding and kind, but also asked thought-provoking questions and challenged my thinking to help me achieve a better result in my respective assignments. I am extremely grateful to have had her by my side and I hope our paths will cross again in the future. – Terence Niselow, Henley Business School graduate and Alumni based in Utrecht, Netherlands.

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Executive Leadership and Business coach| Neuro-agility Profile™ assessment| Team coach| DEI

Arthi Rabikrisson

Arthi believes that in this dynamic world, we can find balance through empathy, encouragement and boosting agility. T...
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