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About Gwiz (Coach Tracking and Management Software)

Today, people in your organisation are managing and tracking coaching assignments and client progress dozens of ways, using spreadsheets, applications, and paper trails. This means multiple coaches managing multiple engagements in different ways, without a clear view of your business or client progress, oftentimes hampered by human error or gaps in reporting. At the same time everyone wants more proactive coaching, and faster – but without sacrificing operational efficiency and consistent insights. So, how do you do it all? How do you gain the flexibility to delve into your operations and client progress, together with the structure to drive the proactivity and speed needed to scale your business?

Manage coaching activities and budgets in real time

Learn more about what’s happening across all of your coaching engagements

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The answer is easier than you might think. GWiz is a simple and complete platform that empowers coaches to run multiple coaching & mentoring activities with ease. The result? The clearest view and easiest management of your coach/mentor/training business or service providers, and coachee progress. GWiz provides a variety of options for intelligent analysis and management without being overwhelming to deploy or manage, making it a simple way to extend your capability to manage your business and elevate your clients’ results.

Why GWiz?

Coaching businesses and Enterprises who manage multiple coach/mentor/training service providers are constantly challenged by client expectations and disjointed approaches to engagement management. With each engagement, regardless of the size of the end client, they demand proactive insights, and reliable operations which allow you to rapidly adapt to evolving business needs. Delivering the right analysis, insights and operational transparency is what supports customer loyalty and revenue.

  • Comprehensive operations dashboard ensures consistency across coaches/suppliers, and tracking of revenue, costs, and results.
  • Engagement monitor to ensure your coaches are successfully progressing their engagements.
  • Prompts at critical milestones to ensure coaches and coaches stay on track
  • Trend and theme feedback for faster, proactive insights on service providers and coaches/mentees
  • Visual ROI reports showing progress against goals compared to coach/mentor investment (spend)
  • Coach evaluation matrix to identify which coaches consistently achieve the most success
  • Billing integration for accurate invoicing

Key Business Benefits

  • GWiz is a complete and cost-effective platform that:
  • Reduces your effort to manage and measure coach/mentor/trainer engagements
    Drives relevant, accurate, up-to-date knowledge across all customer interactions
    Allows you to gain client-specific, actionable insight into the mission-critical operations of a coaching business
    Grows with you as your business changes
    Puts you ahead of the curve with regular releases of new capabilities
    Scales easily across the organisation from personal use to enterprises
    Empowers you to drive faster, more accurate analysis

Key Features

  • Single platform for central management of coaching/training/mentoring operations and engagements
  • Analytics provides high level overview of a coaching activities, to a deep dive into client engagements and progress
  • Management of internal/external coaches
    Assignment and progress management to ensure coaching engagements progress as expected
  • Enterprise management capabilities for multiple coaches/trainers service providers
  • Engagement evaluations
    Billing and invoice management for seamless integration between operations and finance
  • Visual storytelling
  • Cloud delivery platform
  • Accessible from a variety of Smart devices

Key components

GWiz offers coaches the ability to manage and measure engagements and customers with ease:

– Client management including the possibility to handle multiple clients, legal entities, regions, management levels, and service SKUs and rates.
– Coaching goal management used for reporting and engagement management
– Analytics and scorecards providing a real-time snapshot of all assignments with a client, legal entity or group of legal entities
– Service receiver management for Enterprises including a complete history of all the assignments a company has had regardless of the company/client in which it took place
– Team management of internal and/or external associated coaches.
– Assignment management including coach, coaching group, activity budget, and hours usage
– Expense tracking against associated accounts, customers or activities.
– Invoicing and billing integrated into engagement management generating billing (either on date or instalment basis), invoice payment tracking, using of reminders and multicurrency invoicing
– Service evaluations customised for services rendered to an individual or team, with easy data export for reporting and interfacing to accounting systems