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Shelley Lewin


I am a global executive and leadership coach with extensive experience in self-development and relationship building as a therapist. My passion for facilitating change began in 2002 with my formal training in applied psychology and in my private practice working with individuals and couples as a counsellor.


In 2010 I became an internationally accredited professional coach designing processes and solutions for change and high performing teams. My knowledge of ‘what makes people tick’ evolved into executive and leadership coaching which enabled my clients to unleash their own potential as well as unlock the potential in their human capital.  I am the founder/owner of ‘The Relationship Architect Coaching and Consulting’, a business which has as its purpose to enable optimal growing, relating and connecting within individuals and between people.  I design the space between two people by facilitating deeper awareness and understanding of oneself and others, in order to influence and communicate effectively as a leader.

I have coached 500+ leaders across multiple industries (junior, middle and senior management through to C-suite) from SME’s, parastatals and global corporates such as Shell, Chevron, OLX, F5, Naspers, Intuit, Goodyear, Philip Morris International, Colgate-Palmolive, Macy’s, Trinity Healthcare, Hilton Hotel group, Go Global logistics, Salesforce, VISA and Accolade Wines to name a few. 16+ years of experience in counselling and coaching has taught me that true leadership is not about managing people (because people don’t like to be managed), it is about managing systems WHILST guiding, motivating and inspiring people. Leaders tend to either empower and inspire others to take action or they de-motivate and disempower them. Typically, people don’t leave company’s, they leave the people that led them. So- there’s no getting around it when building a high performing team – one needs to be skilled in building trust and collaboration, in navigating conflict, in influence and in effective communication. Although they are labelled as soft skills, they’re hard business drivers. It turns out interestingly, that in the landscape of leadership and love- relationships matter the most.

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