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Vandena Daya

Executive and Leadership Coach

Vandena believes we have the potential to expand into our personal power.  A nurturer at heart, she has been creating safe and liberating spaces for people and teams to thrive for over 20 years.  She helps clients create their freedom and live a happy and productive life.  Vandena is passionate about uplifting others.


Vandena has over 15 years of senior leadership experience and has been an exco member in one of the toughest industries for women to operate in.  Having lead multi-functional teams in complex environments that demanded high performance, Vandena can understand and relate to the challenges leaders face.  This lived experience together with her professional coaching expertise positions Vandena to help leaders grow their effectiveness.

Vandena completed the Nancy Kline Foundation Program in 2010 and followed by a coaching program for leaders in 2011 and this transformed her into a leader that sponsored a culture of collaboration, where different perspectives were valued, ideas flourished and teams achieved breakthrough results.

Vandena is a certified Time to Think coach and facilitator.  Vandena also has a coaching certificate from iCoach Academy in London.  Vandena is an accredited EMCC Coach and as a member of the EMCC, abides by the Global Code of Ethics.  She is certified in Leadership Circle Profile Assessments and has regular supervision for her coaching.

Her clients include business owners, entrepreneurs, emerging and senior leaders, and CEO’s guiding them to clarify personal and business goals, evaluate and manage career changes, and improve leadership capability in relating to others.

Vandena’s clients value her ability to ‘listen, without judgement and interruptions,’ to create a safe space for them to ‘extract insights as they verbalise’ and ‘fully form their thoughts’, while ‘guiding them to find their answers.’

Vandena finds it rewarding to experience people finding solutions that give them freedom and release energy.


Vandena has a Chemical Engineering Degree and a Master’s in Business Administration from UCT GSB.  With  over 15 years in  senior leadership roles in large listed corporates across petrochemical, management consulting and financial services industries, she brings a wealth of experience into her coaching practice.

As Head of Direct at Sanlam Vandena lead a multifunctional team that had oversight of the call centre and online platforms focusing on all activities in direct and digital marketing including customer service.  As Head of Operations in the sales environment at Sanlam, Vandena led a multi-functional team in a complex environment that delivered highly customised solutions.  As Head of Program Office at Momentum Collective Benefits, Vandena introduced and set up program management approach to various strategic and IT projects.

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