Deborah Glover


“I do not much dislike the matter, but the manner of his speech” said Caesar in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra. Deborah Glover is a voice and speech coach whose passion lies in the “manner” or the “how you say it” side of being a leader, delivering a presentation, giving a speech or communicating in a meeting or business environment.

As soon as we open our mouths to speak, people form perceptions about our character, confidence, capability, credibility or conviction. The voice reflects our emotional, mental and physical state. Within minutes people decide whether or not they want to listen to you, believe you or do business with you.

Voice and speech coaching can help people to develop a vocal presence, to ensure others perceive them in the way they want or need to be perceived.

“Everyone deserves a voice that works for them!”

20 + years of experience in the field of communication skills development, across a range of industries, makes Deborah a sought-after facilitator and coach.

Deborah has extensive experience working with groups and individuals, from senior executive and middle management to bargaining unit level.

She has delivered programmes in the Top 100 corporates in South Africa, across a range of industries including banking; insurance; accounting; petroleum; mining; manufacturing; logistics and conservation.

Deborah is gifted at bringing life and energy to any programme she runs and drawing the best from the people she coaches. With encouragement, sensitivity and patience she motivates people to believe in themselves and put their best voice forward!

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