True North Strategy


Our purpose is to enable organisations to think differently, clearly and authentically about their direction AND work at augmenting the health of the leadership dynamic. When allowed, culture will always trump strategy, therefore we encourage and help drive organisations to develop a strong cultural foundation on which to build a sustainable vision and strategic plan.

Once a clear vision is established we guide you through a process to develop a detailed implementation plan. We help you cascade the vision and strategy throughout your organisation and importantly leave you with the tools to create new habits and generate momentum towards achieving your vision.

True North Strategy was founded by 2 people who have over 50 years combined experience at holding executive positions and leading organisations from incubation of young companies through to large multi-national organisations. The founders are passionate about enabling other organisations to conceive and then deliver their vision. This is achieved through the use of a flexible methodology that has been developed based on having delivered ambitious visions across various industries and sectors. They facilitate processes that enable organisations to develop a strategic plan and get into action to deliver on that plan.