Increased number of Millennials in the workplace reaching a tipping point.


Leadership Development

As the competitive landscape changes, so do Leadership competencies. Some of the critical forces that are shaping leadership competencies today are:

globalization, the information age, the need for flexible organizations and teams as well as differing employee needs.

The new global environment, often referred to us VUCA brings with it volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity requiring a more collaborative approach.

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Team Development

Whether it's on the playing field or in the workplace, teams take time to come together. There is a natural development process every team progresses through.

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"A partnership in which a mentee is assisted in making significant advances in knowledge, perspective and vision in order to develop their full potential; the mentor’s wisdom is utilised by the mentee to facilitate and enhance new learning and insight."

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Facilitation, in a business context, is “the process of helping groups or individuals, to learn, find a solution, or reach a consensus, without imposing an outcome. Facilitation works to empower individuals and groups to learn for themselves, to find their own answers to problems without influence from the facilitator.  Facilitators need to have good process and communication skills, including listening, questioning, and reflecting. Facilitation is used in a variety of contexts including training, experiential learning, conflict resolution, and negotiation.” – The BNet Dictionary

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