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Lauren Davis

Executive leadership Coach and facilitator and clinical Psychologist

Lauren is a coach, facilitator and consultant with over 12 years’ experience in: leadership development; personal mastery; creating values driven organisations; psychometric assessments; designing and implementing internal mentoring programmes; team effectiveness and organisational development.


Lauren believes that her clinical psychology background brings added value to the world of work where her knowledge and continuous study of human behaviour enables her to provide insight into supporting and guiding employees and leaders in the working world to move towards finding their purpose, unleashing their passion, fulfilling their potential and optimising their performance. She works with clients to move away from merely surviving towards being able to thrive in their work and personal lives. Building authentic relationships, being witness to personal, team and organisational growth and encouraging individuals to work towards living life wholeheartedly are Lauren’s main drivers.

Lauren partners with companies, teams and individuals to reach higher levels of engagement, satisfaction, productivity and ultimately business effectiveness.

Lauren also has a special interest in dealing with bullying in the workplace, with a particular focus on sociopathic behaviour. She coaches, consults and facilitates workshops assisting individuals and organisations to cope with these individuals in the workplace.

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